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Thursday, October 23, 2008

News from the Doctor...sigh...

I am so exhausted, but turns out there was a good reason for it.  I thought I was just down and depressed or something, but I am apparently still having some major health issues:

1.  My thyroid is way out of whack--I don't have near enough thyroid stimulating hormone in my system.
2.  My body isn't absorbing vitamin B12, and I'm going to have to get shots for it.
3.  One of my medications was wreaking havoc with my blood sugar--I'm going to have to stop it, but there's no substitute.

I got a flu shot yesterday, as well as my first B12 shot, and the doctor upped my thyroid medicine, so maybe I'll start feeling better.  To think I almost canceled my appointment while Greg and I were in the waiting room.  Greg had to get to school in Lynchburg, and I didn't want him to be late.  He said it didn't matter, that I was more important.  He's so good to me.

People tease us at work because they say we are still "honeymooning."  I don't know about all that; I just know that it has been a year and four months, and I'm still crazy about him--scratch that; it gets better every day.  When I'm waiting on him to get home from school, I miss him as if I haven't seen him all day.  When I see his car go past the front of the house toward the driveway, I literally get butterflies in my stomach.  I still rush to the back door to greet him with a hug and kiss before he even gets in the house.  He gets more and more handsome every day!  I hope it never changes.

Okay, enough of that...sorry.

I hope that these new treatments will make me feel better again...I want to be better for my kids at school, for my husband, and for my life in general.  But mainly, I just want to feel better.

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