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I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world, and I have a beautiful stepson that I love with all my heart.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Important Date Here at Our House...

Hi Everyone,

If you happen to see my husband today, wish him a happy 42nd birthday! That's right, as of 7:35 a.m. today he is 42 years old. From now until October 30th, we will be the same age--then I become the "older woman" again--lol.

I surprised him with his gift yesterday...I baked him some dark chocolate brownie bites, bought him a card and a new DVR so that he can tape classic cartoons and great old movies on TCM in the middle of the night. He was so tickled!! We had a great evening--I just love him so much.

Not much else here, except my cold has been hanging on for over a week--I'm afraid it's going to turn into pneumonia. May have to go to the doctor this week. ugh.

Take care, and talk to you soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Starts for my Greg, and a Poem for this Wednesday...

Greg just left a while ago for his first literature class in quite a while. I'm so excited about him going to school!!! He will make such a wonderful teacher. He is so kind, patient, and loving. The students he works with now think so highly of him, and my students love him as well.

I'm sharing a poem for this Wednesday--one of my favorites:

I Feel, I See, I Breathe You

by Emmanuel Emesakoru
(from poetryhunter.com)

You're the first overwhelming feeling the engulfs me
When I wake up to behold the dawn that has come
I feel you in the rays of light that seep in slowly
Through my curtain blinds, straight to my dimmed eyes
I see you through the leaves that would always sway
And sometimes bow in awe of your stunning beauty
I breathe you in the air that I inhale into my nose
I feel, I see, I breathe you just to stay alive

And when I retire to my bed at night to think and sleep
My feelings untamed run deeper and deeper in my heart
I feel you in my irregular rapid and violent heartbeats
You bring intense joy and satisfaction to my peaceful mind
I see you, you are right there, up and high in the skies
The galaxies are but a reflection of your shiny pupils
I breathe you in the sea breeze that brings so much warmth
I feel, I see, I breathe you, so don't take your breath away

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Head Colds, Grading Papers, and the Stepmom Blues...

I have a head cold, which is a bummer because I am contagious and have to stay home tomorrow. I also have to stay home to take my lil' mama to the doctor because she is having trouble walking; she fell about a month ago and has had some soreness ever since.

I don't want to be away from my students, but I don't want to get them sick, either. Especially with this gunk, as it may develop into bronchitis with them as it has done with me.

Being off sick will give me time to grade their autobiography papers (rough drafts). The students were to write from the 1st person perspective of a cherished possession, and let that possession tell me about him/her. For instance, an ipod could tell me what kind of music a student listens to, what kinds of moods they have, their friends, their style, etc. I wanted to do something other than a tired old "I was born...." etc. paper.

My stepson has been here since Friday night, and he goes home this afternoon. I haven't seen much of him since I have been sick, and I miss him already. He brings so much life and fun into this house that we miss him during the week when he is away. His vitality, his imagination, and his unconditional love are so refreshing that he completely changes the atmosphere wherever he is.

I can't wait until he comes back.

I'm going to rest for a little while...take care.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Saw Him Yesterday...

I saw him yesterday afternoon...just in passing. We barely spoke, which is not anything new for quite a while. I suppose I was to feel honored he acknowledged me at all. He has hardly spoken to me since the wedding--although he had a lot to say AT the wedding. Could have been his half-drunken state then, though. Can you imagine? Half-drunk at 2 p.m., sulking around with that hangdog look on his face--ugh.

I have decided that incidents like that only make me realize how stupid I was back then, to be so hung up on someone who cared nothing about me. Things are so different now that I can't imagine why I spent a single day waiting for anyone else to "see the light" and realize I was worth caring for. Greg has made me feel beyond worthy from day one, and he shows me every day that he loves me and that I can count on him. Every day we are more in love. If he had not come into my life, what would I have had? Where would I be? Forty, Forty-five, Fifty...waiting for some dream that would never come true? How sad my life would have been.

I guess the song says it best: "It's never love 'till you're loved in return/Some fools never learn."

Well, this fool learned her lesson, just in time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coffee and Scones on a Saturday...

Saturday morning, and all is well. Greg is getting ready for work at the Pool Shoppe. I've been up since five or so. I made scones and coffee for breakfast (which, for those who don't know, are triangle-shaped English biscuits).

I've completed my first week with my English II students, mostly 10th graders. They are such wonderful students. Like all teenagers, they love to talk, but nothing out of the ordinary. I've only had to have assigned seats for one class so far, and they have until the end of the month to gain a reprieve.

It's so good to be back in the classroom! My fellow teachers (well, those that are my friends and bother to talk to me) say that I am my "old self" again. It's true; this year is so, so different from last year. This time last year I was dealing with so many things: yearbook, mama being sick, my being sick (although I didn't realize it)...this year yearbook is no longer my problem (YES!), mama is much better (thank you Jesus!!), and I have had an almost-complete recovery. I am able to focus on my students and being a better teacher.

I'm able to take care of things at work and at home now, and it's awesome. This time last year, poor Greg had to work and then try to do the things I couldn't do. Now I'm able to be the wife I promised to be, and we're just able to relax and enjoy each other. He comes to my classroom to see me at least once during the school day (he works on the other side of the building), and the girls in my classes always giggle and go "awwww" over us and tell us how in love we look. We can't hide it, I guess...

We've fallen into such a comfortable rhythm with our daily routines...morning coffee and breakfast together, riding to work, little moments during the day, our drive home, making dinner together, and lately spending the evening snuggled up watching TV and talking about this and that. It's true that when you find the one you love them more as time goes on.

Well, time to tackle the mountain of laundry waiting for me in the sunroom. Have a great weekend, all.