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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Starts for my Greg, and a Poem for this Wednesday...

Greg just left a while ago for his first literature class in quite a while. I'm so excited about him going to school!!! He will make such a wonderful teacher. He is so kind, patient, and loving. The students he works with now think so highly of him, and my students love him as well.

I'm sharing a poem for this Wednesday--one of my favorites:

I Feel, I See, I Breathe You

by Emmanuel Emesakoru
(from poetryhunter.com)

You're the first overwhelming feeling the engulfs me
When I wake up to behold the dawn that has come
I feel you in the rays of light that seep in slowly
Through my curtain blinds, straight to my dimmed eyes
I see you through the leaves that would always sway
And sometimes bow in awe of your stunning beauty
I breathe you in the air that I inhale into my nose
I feel, I see, I breathe you just to stay alive

And when I retire to my bed at night to think and sleep
My feelings untamed run deeper and deeper in my heart
I feel you in my irregular rapid and violent heartbeats
You bring intense joy and satisfaction to my peaceful mind
I see you, you are right there, up and high in the skies
The galaxies are but a reflection of your shiny pupils
I breathe you in the sea breeze that brings so much warmth
I feel, I see, I breathe you, so don't take your breath away


Onestar said...

Just...beautiful. :)

Passions Magazine said...

Mrs. Charlotte Wooden (Hillis) I'm Emmanuel Emesakoru, the writer of the poem 'I Feel, I See, I Breathe You' posted on poemhunter.Com. I'm honoured to have you call this write one of your favourites. I must confess you did a great deal of job on 'Divinity'. 'Tis simply lovely and remarkable! If you like you could read more writes of mine on www.Allpoetry.Com/EmmaPassions or e-mail me via poetrylegend@yahoo.Com. Thank you.