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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Saw Him Yesterday...

I saw him yesterday afternoon...just in passing. We barely spoke, which is not anything new for quite a while. I suppose I was to feel honored he acknowledged me at all. He has hardly spoken to me since the wedding--although he had a lot to say AT the wedding. Could have been his half-drunken state then, though. Can you imagine? Half-drunk at 2 p.m., sulking around with that hangdog look on his face--ugh.

I have decided that incidents like that only make me realize how stupid I was back then, to be so hung up on someone who cared nothing about me. Things are so different now that I can't imagine why I spent a single day waiting for anyone else to "see the light" and realize I was worth caring for. Greg has made me feel beyond worthy from day one, and he shows me every day that he loves me and that I can count on him. Every day we are more in love. If he had not come into my life, what would I have had? Where would I be? Forty, Forty-five, Fifty...waiting for some dream that would never come true? How sad my life would have been.

I guess the song says it best: "It's never love 'till you're loved in return/Some fools never learn."

Well, this fool learned her lesson, just in time.