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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Head Colds, Grading Papers, and the Stepmom Blues...

I have a head cold, which is a bummer because I am contagious and have to stay home tomorrow. I also have to stay home to take my lil' mama to the doctor because she is having trouble walking; she fell about a month ago and has had some soreness ever since.

I don't want to be away from my students, but I don't want to get them sick, either. Especially with this gunk, as it may develop into bronchitis with them as it has done with me.

Being off sick will give me time to grade their autobiography papers (rough drafts). The students were to write from the 1st person perspective of a cherished possession, and let that possession tell me about him/her. For instance, an ipod could tell me what kind of music a student listens to, what kinds of moods they have, their friends, their style, etc. I wanted to do something other than a tired old "I was born...." etc. paper.

My stepson has been here since Friday night, and he goes home this afternoon. I haven't seen much of him since I have been sick, and I miss him already. He brings so much life and fun into this house that we miss him during the week when he is away. His vitality, his imagination, and his unconditional love are so refreshing that he completely changes the atmosphere wherever he is.

I can't wait until he comes back.

I'm going to rest for a little while...take care.

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Onestar said...

Take care of YOU.

And I hope your mama feels better too.