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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Things to do that Celebrate Summer...

There are some things that I can only do in summer, and because of that these are treasured memories the rest of the year.

1. Making dinner out of nothing but fresh corn on the cob and sliced ripe garden tomatoes.

2. Gathering day lilies on the side of a country road and placing them in a vase for the kitchen table.

3. Going with my boys to the drive-in in a pick-up truck, sitting in the truck bed to watch a double feature with cold sodas and lots of popcorn in greasy brown paper bags.

4. Sitting on my porch swing in the dark, listening to the music of the cicadas and tracing the glow of the lightning bugs across the lawn.

5. Taking my rod and reel and "drowning a worm" for a few hours on a riverbank somewhere, eating peanut butter sandwiches and drinking cold cokes, not even caring if I catch anything.

6. Going to the outdoor flea market in Crossville, wandering around the hundreds of booths under the trees, marveling at the things people will buy/sell, and trying to figure out what some things are.

7. Shopping at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings for fresh vegetables, honey in mason jars with the golden comb floating inside, fresh warm bread made by Mennonite women with work-worn hands and sweet smiles.

8. Going down the street to the dam with our little guy to go wading out on the rocks, watching him have a ball out in the cold, clear water that's been running since before any of us can remember.

9. Concerts on the lawn of the local Savings & Loan, running into people I haven't seen in months, buying hotdogs from the man with the cart, clog dancing on the sidewalk even if I can't dance well.

10. Heading to the local ballfields with the rest of the town to see the fireworks on the 4th. This year, it will be even better; I'll be watching the fireworks reflected in the eyes of my husband and son. A new summer tradition--possibly the best ever.

Happy 4th Everyone.



Onestar said...

A drive in. Never went to a drive in, but you make it sounds really cool, m'dear.

I think I might go sit on my own porch. That is one of the cool things about Summer...something we miss the rest of the year.

Sounds like you're having a good Summer to me.

C-Woo said...

Oh yeah, drive-ins are an awesome way to see a movie. You can sit out under the stars, even if you have a car (just bring a lawn chair). There's lots of good food (of course, you can always bring your own), you meet lots of new friends--it's like one huge living room.