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Monday, April 28, 2008

I Can't Wait...

I can't wait for summer vacation to arrive...I love my work, but it seems that summer is all I think about these days.

First of all, while I am working, it is not in my "natural habitat." I am working at the adult high school instead of my regular classroom right now, helping some seniors catch up on their credits so that they can graduate. Ms. Sherry G., a dear friend and former colleague of mine at the high school, has taken over my classes until the end of testing. The administration decided (and rightfully so) to leave her with my classes until the testing was over. I didn't blame them; after all, I have had two horrible health scares this year, and who knows when it might happen again.

Some of the kids here are very conscientious and try very hard to get their work done. Some spend most of their time talking and worrying about partying rather than working. It's a real shame--I partied when I was in school a bit, but I still managed to finish high school successfully. You have to have balance, man...if you can't balance work and play, then give up the play.

I miss my 10th graders terribly...they are the perfect age to teach. I've taught all four grade levels of high school, from special ed classes to Advanced Placement classes, and all grades have their positive points. I've learned, however, that 10th graders are definitely my favorites. 9th Graders are still too "twitchy" and that first flood of hormones has just kicked in...they are all arms and legs and have no idea how to deal with anything going on around them, much less inside their own bodies. 11th graders are okay, but have developed some sort of brain deficiency that makes them want to do things even a 4-year-old would balk at. Seniors are cool, but senioritis kicks in and they don't want to do ANYTHING once class rank is posted (or they receive their acceptance letters from college). 10th graders are the perfect balance of child and adult...they respect you enough to listen (at least most of them), they still have a bit of that eagerness to please, yet they have developed a somewhat sophisticated sense of humor. They are great fun.

I'll have about 2 weeks with my "babies" back in my classroom before I break for the summer...and then what a summer it will be. Graduate school online, needlework, reading, gardening, daytrips with my hubby, canning, playing with my stepson...I can't wait. Have I mentioned that already?

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