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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is awful...the clock has slowed to a stop. I am still at the adult high school, and the students are down to the wire on their work. They are either silently working or running their mouths about absolutely nothing, which is driving me crazy. There are several left who are supposed to get their work done by Friday (TOMORROW!!!!) in order to graduate, but they don't seem to give a flip. What they are thinking, I have no idea. Do they live in a parallel universe? Do they think there is a "schoolwork fairy" that is going to do this work for them? Arrrrrghhhh!

One girl talked (bragged, more like it) about getting in a fight with her boss and cursing her over something silly. Why do some young people think they have the right to say whatever they are thinking? Do they think that they are going to get ahead in this world with that attitude? What has happened to respect in this world? God, I sound so old!!!

Please let this day end soon...I want to go home to my hubby and Kitty Puss and finish my laundry and cook and be happy.

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Onestar said...

I hope the day ended with little problems, m'dear...