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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Day...

There are some days in your life you remember right away because they are milestone days--birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, deaths--and then there are smaller days that creep into your mind at unexpected times but are just as important. Yesterday was one of those days.

David is here while his mom recovers from giving birth to baby Nika, and we spent the afternoon in our garden--our own little patch of heaven. Greg tilled the remainder of the soil so we could plant, while David and I sat on the porch in the swing. Correction: I sat in the swing while David played a game of cat-and-mouse (cat-and-boy?) with Kitty Puss. I could hear David squeal with delight as Kitty Puss chased him around the entire house; David was having the time of his life.

Then when the tilling was finished, the four of us planted tomato plants, including the pitiful little plants we raised from seeds. We also planted catnip, sunflowers, pepper plants, and canteloupe. We had such fun!

Afterwards we grilled out, watched a movie, then finally all snuggled into bed...the perfect ending to a great day. We were a family, a REAL family, something I've waited for all my life.

Yesterday was a day that will stay with me forever because of the love. I never thought I'd find such a love. Thank God I was wrong.


Onestar said...

That's so sweet.
So beautiful.

I read that and I smiled.

I'm so happy for you, darlin'. :)

Mrs. Hillis said...

Thank you dear...

um, by the way, now that you are in love and happy and all that doesn't mean you can start being lazy about your blog--update, darlin', update.


Onestar said...


I'll try and update more often, my dear...when I have something to say. ;)