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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some poetry...

Found some of my old poetry while cleaning out files on my desktop computer.  Thought I would post some of it here.  Hope you enjoy it.

by Charlotte Wooden (Hillis)

Your eyes reflect
my silent confessions
that only you can hear…

The anointment of your touch
restores in me a faith
I had not known since childhood…

On your lips, my name
is like a prayer that
guarantees my salvation…

Your presence in my life
has proven to me
the existence of Divinity.

Are you truly oblivious
to the halcyon effect
you have on my soul?

I had always heard
that all Saints knew
when they were touched by God.

The Ghost and the Silence
by Charlotte Wooden (Hillis)

Endless nights of dreams...
my heart cannot let you go.
Despite my efforts to forget them,
these dreams become the mantra
crossing my lips in sleep...
could it be those sweet lines
I breathe into the darkness
are fed into my ear one kiss at a time
by the ghost of your love--
born in this same darkness,
nourished by the fruit of passion,
killed by the Silence contained in the walls?
I remain forever haunted by this love
while the Ghost and and the Silence hold hands and smile
as they await the approach of daylight...

In an Instant
by Charlotte Wooden (Hillis)

It can all be taken
In an instant…

Don’t hold your breath;
even that is not
yours to own forever.

Shattered glass,
shattered dreams,
shattered visage of security.

What do you see
when you stare down
Death’s closed eyes?

What comes to mind
when there’s no time to think?
There are no answers,
only endless questions…

What meant the most?
Where did you go?
Who did you touch?
When did it begin?
Is this where it ends?

And the greatest question of all…

What have you let love teach you?