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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't Use the "R-Word"...

Resolutions...just the sound of the word makes my head hurt.  Every year, I make lofty promises to myself that I never wind up keeping. 

I decided this year to set goals--small, reachable goals that perhaps I can accomplish throughout the year.

For 2009, my goals are:

1.  To stop worrying about being a big  girl, and focus on getting healthy. I've always been big, I always will be, and I need to try to make changes to live better no matter what size I am.

2.  To forgive myself for my mistakes--past, present, and future.  I've forgiven others for the pain they have caused me; now it's time to forgive myself.

3.  To make sure my husband knows I love him every day.

4.  To be the best stepmom I can be.

5.  To be the best teacher I can be.

I hope you, my dear readers--all four of you (lol)--have a wonderful holiday season, and the best New Year ever.  Thanks for being here to listen to me.

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