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Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Do People Live With Themselves?

I can't stop thinking about the poor man who died from being trampled by customers rushing to buy sale items at a Wal-Mart in New York.  It makes me sick thinking about the people who just walked over this man and left him there, and the people who became irate when the store was closed.  What has happened to people?  Why are people so thoughtless and cruel?

This was not my first reminder of this fact, of course; however, this just hit me in the gut, considering the season.  This poor man will not be with his family EVER AGAIN because some people were so crazed to save money on a flat-screen TV or a Wii.  Ridiculous and so, so sad.

I guess it just really hit home because this year has been so lean financially, and we're only going to be able to buy for our little boy this year.  We've asked everyone not to buy for us because a) we don't need anything and b) we cannot reciprocate.  But you know, it doesn't even matter. This is the first holiday season in a long, long time where my heart is so full that I feel rich beyond belief.  I have found a peace and contentment that was never there before, I have forgiven people who hurt me (and I mean TRULY forgiven), and my soul is in a place I never thought I'd find.  I have a darling husband who means the world to me, and he feels the same way.  My family has more than doubled, and I'm so grateful to have them all...especially my little guy. 

There may be no presents under the tree this year, but they'll not be missed.

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