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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shots from the 5th Parade...

Here's my Greg and me on our porch; our little guy took the photo--not bad, huh?

Speaking of the little guy, here he is with his daddy.... =)

Here's our front porch...I love our little house. It makes me proud when people stop and admire our herbs and flowers on the porch.
Here's the parade route to the left of our house, and here's the route to the right of our house. We had a great view of everything this year!

There were a lot of cool entries in the parade this year, but my favorite were these guys:

There was a man there with these brown sheep, and he brought his partner, a black and white sheepdog:

He did a great job keeping the sheep in line--I finally got a shot of him at work:

Here's one of the antique fire engines that were in the parade... here's a shot of an even older one.

I saw several students and former students today--it was great. See this bull?

As he rolled past my porch, I heard him bellow, "C-Woo!" (my nickname) Turns out, Cody Walker (a student from two years ago) was the "innards" of the bull!!

In addition to current and former students, I met a big group of future students from the Morrison community--

The majority of the parade consisted of classic cars and trucks--here are some shots:

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Onestar said...

Those are some really cool photos, especially that one of you and Greg. He did a great job!