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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Timeless Summer Songs...

I love music of all kinds--everything from ambient to zydeco (ha! found an a-z for that one!). I was lamenting the fact that most of the music I grew up on is now played on the "oldies" channels when I decided to take a more positive spin on things and list the songs that remind me of summer that I could listen to over and over. So here goes, folks--by the way, I started to link them to sound clips, but I'm not great at that stuff, so if you're interested enough, you'll find them:

1. "Summer Breeze"--Seals and Crofts--To me, one of the most perfectly crafted pop songs ever, period. Sweet melody, with lyrics that celebrate the joys of a simple life--a nice little house and the one you love.

2. "Fire and Rain"--James Taylor--One of the classic vocal performances of all-time, and a song that makes you feel mellow, sad, nostalgic, and content all at once.

3. "Pictures of You"--The Cure--A beautiful song that means something to anyone who has ever loved and lost, which would be all of us.

4. "Sultans of Swing"--Dire Straits--Mark Knopfler's guitar at its best, with lyrics and music that paint a picture of life as a working-class band.

5. "Baker Street"--Gerry Rafferty--Without a doubt, the single greatest sax performance in a pop song ever.

6. "American Pie"--Don McClean--You've heard it, you secretly know the words, you secretly love it. Sing it proudly.

7. "Can't Find My Way Home"--Blind Faith--Smooth and heartbreaking, this is a song that brings rock'n'roll to a spiritual level.

8. "Side"--Travis--Cross the faith and optimism of U2 with the style of Radiohead and you have Travis. This song explores the concepts of mortality, faith, ethics, and envy in a little over three amazing minutes.

9. "Dear Prudence"--The Beatles--One of the band's best songs, in that it combines the romanticism of the early work with the artistry of the later work. Breezy, sweet, and beautiful with a darn good beat.

10. "She Drives Me Crazy"--Fine Young Cannibals--Roland Gift and Co. take the simplest (and most perplexing) of feelings and summed them up in a song that is still easy to dance to after all these years. Oh, and it's a great driving song.

Now, this list is my opinion, and by no means complete. If anyone has any contributions, please comment.

Take care, all


yours truly said...

Pictures of you is a fantastic song.

Have you read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" yet?

Onestar said...

You could have also said "a capella" to "zydeco". That would've counted. ;)

What? No Sinatra love here? "Summer Wind"...perfect Summer song! ;)

Onestar said...

And there's also "Summer" by War.
Now that song is THE quintessential Summer song...if you're still living in the 70's, that is. ;)